PiK TV / Chrome browser - on Chrome restart, PiK TV asks initial permission for Adobe Flash Player


Once I go through granting permission to run Flash on Chrome, I get dumped back out to the PiK TV Home page and then have to navigate back in to the program I was trying to watch - annoying.


Other observations: in full screen mode, still have a side scroll bar visible ... can this artifact be eliminated?


And, how to eliminate the (Basic PiK TV 23) French language stations / channels from my Guide?


Thanks, K_Mc

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Community Power User
- Grant the permission to remember and not ask again
- Is the screen size zoom set properly?
- You can’t edit channels currently

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WestCoasterBC ... thanks for steppin' up to help out ... 


Here's screenshots of the first two issues (two, each):


Adobe Flash Player Error No. 1-44-102.jpg... tv3cloud.com - Run Flash - Allow (or) Block.jpgPlayback in browser window.jpgPlayback fullscreen (vertical scrollbar artifact visible on R edge).jpg

- re: Flash, no remember and not ask again option presents itself (see screenshots above)

- where and how to access / control screen size zoom? (see vertical scroll bar artifact on R as shown in last screenshot, above)


Oh, and how to Subscribe to my own thread? (Subscribe option was greyed-out when I last looked)


Thanks, K_Mc

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Google changed the way Chrome handles flash recently where it's disabled by default and will ask every time or just not start flash at all. To enable it on a site click the info or padlock icon to the left of the URL and enable flash there.



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Nighthawk ... I can confirm your solution advice has resolved the Flash issue on Chrome ... thanks for the assistance.


I still can't understand why the topic Subscription option remained greyed out last time I posted ... I had to check for Replies periodically ... this topic of mine slipped my mind briefly in the interim ... that, and, I'm afraid, PiK TV doesn't hold much interest for me.





for me it did not work and the settings will revert back after I close chrome. I did some research and came up with this registry file which allows PIK TV domains to use flash. Following is the link. Use it at your own risk



Its a registery addon file. Google takes it as an audio file. Simply download it and click it to add to windows registry. No restart should be needed but if it doesn't work right away after saving registry. Try restarting.

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I use "watchoptik.telus.com" which isn't in that regedit.  I don't know how to get to the proper URL otherwise... telus is screwing as far as that goes as "freerange.shaw.ca" is ubiquitous and simple (they should refer to their simple white _CLEARNET_ commercials with the animals... #KISS.


here is the regedit code from the download link in whomever's link above... I don't know if I would bother.   I'm waiting on telus to switch to HTML5... that is what we should be asking for.  Dec 2020 is the death of flash....


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00