PIK TV has no picture but has sound


I am a new subscriber with Fibre 75 and PIKTV.  The Telus PIK TV box has no picture but has sound.  Same goes with Youtube app. 

I try all methods of...


1.  the app is updated.  try closing the app and restart it

2.  uninstall app update.  hard reset(unplug power cable for few mins) then update the app.

3.  did factory reset.  did all the above again.

4.  connected to LAN connection(Wifi to 'off') then try Wifi connection(LAN disconnected)


Basically, did all the above mulitiple times and still no picture but has sound.  Btw, I can see the TV guide.  I'm wondering

if the new box is dead on arrival.  


Using Android tablet is fine.  Try using MI Box second gen works but laggy.