On Demand (crave) auto play?

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Is there a way to set up the PikTv media box to auto play the on demand shows from crave? The apple and android apps auto play 50% of the time so I was hoping to set up the media box to auto play all the time, but I can’t find it anywhere how to do this.
Community Power User
Community Power User

It’s not an option currently available. Perhaps it will be looked at into the future. 

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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Autoplay or binge-watching will be available with the next app release for the Pik TV media box, coming very soon! When you get to 20 seconds left in an On Demand program, and the next episode is available, you will be presented with a pop-up that allows you the option to dismiss the pop-up (and return to the On Demand menu when the program finishes) or you can keep watching and the next episode will play automatically. This will be true for all channels On Demand, including Crave, where allowed by the content provider.