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On Demand 5 Channel picks

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I selected my 5 channels - one being MSNBC.  While I can watch LIVE shows - I cannot access this show later using ON DEMAND.


I tried the following path to set up: 

PikTV - on demand - channels (msnbc doesn't show up)

// Apple TV screen - MSNBC box - settings - Sign In - Use Phone Camera OR ENTER CODE AT =====  Telus or PikTV doesn' show up under PROVIDER.  (this is the way I set up looking at GEM)


Questions is can I ONLY see MSNBC / CNN / OWN live shows

I CAN however see ON DEMAND shows on HGTV which I also have selected


Community Power User
Community Power User

Not all channels offer on demand content. Especially the American channels. Many don't offer on demand content in Canada. MSNBC and CNN don't have any on demand content. CNN does on their iOS or Android app though. OWN currently only has 2 shows available on demand.

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