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New update for Pik TV!

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

We're excited to share that we just released a new update for Pik TV today! 


This new update will resolve some common issues and continues to improve on our app's stability.  To install this new update please go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your devices.  For step by step instructions please see our article on


@melissaj Good to see the update for the no information bug, it's nice to see what's actually on in the guide 🙂

Do you know if/when a fix will occur for the guide opening up to the wrong channel?

@Scoots I PMed you, hoping to get your help fixing the guide opening to the wrong channel bug you reported.

Update is better. Just have to fix the “last channel visited” issue for the guide.

@AfterMathcan you expand on the issue. (Or same issue as below still?) @Melissaj can you look into this.



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She is already aware of the issue. Previous post.

Hey sorry again late reply
Yes my menu works everything good again so far but the menu doesnt align still so if im on tlc and open guide it says im on space etc
But so far so good

I'm wondering @melissaj if you and the team have had an opportunity to address the issue where the guide does not open to the last channel visited? It has not been fixed yet, and it is a most annoying issue.

Fully agree. I'm happy with PikTV, but this really ruins the otherwise good experience. I'm in the Okanagan and i have the media box. The five very first channels work as advertised but selecting a channel higher than five messes everything up. If I go back to one of the first five channels then it's ok again. I can repeat this as often as I want to.


Too easy to fix? Pls kick yourself and get some results!




TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hey @AfterMath and @clint17 et al.


We know this bug has been a source of frustration and want you to reassure you that we haven't forgotten about it or stopped moving forward with getting it fixed. Unfortunately we don't have a timeline to share at the moment but want you to know that it hasn't slipped off the team's plate and we're looking forward to sharing news when we can.


Thanks, as always, for letting us know what's going on.

@Scoto this really should be at the top of the to do list, since it's been an issue for a while now. Seriously thinking of dropping the service because if this minor issue can't be fixed in a timely manner it makes me worried how long a major issue will take to fix.

Still nothing on the guide issue? Guess I'm canceling PikTV after the world juniors are over. This has been driving me nuts for months and still no fix. Telus really shouldn't have rolled out a service that they obviously don't care too much about, or maybe they need a better tech team, because I don't know of any paid service that would get away with having an issue like this for months on end without having to fix it. It's a shame because I had such high hopes for PikTV when it came out, but the lack of support is disappointing.

I spoke with a Telus rep this AM about a different issue but also raised the guide error issue. I was told that it will be fixed in a update coming in March. No idea why it will take so long, it's ridiculously frustrating. 

Helpful Neighbour

Yikes, this guide problem has been going on for several months already and now it could be fixed in March? That would be roughly half a year I think. Oyy. I really hope it happens sooner.

The same guide issue for months on end with no fix in sight for another few months (if that even happens)? Bye bye PikTV, and all your annoying glitches, there's only so much I can take. Canceled and probably not coming back after this terrible experience.

I don't see either the PIK TV under my Apps or the notice that it is updated (Google Play Store)

So how do a go about updating my PIK box since it displays a number of bugs


@AfterMath thank you for details on your guide issue, I'll pass your feedback onto the team to investigate.  As for YouTube that I'm not sure since our update was only to the Pik TV app not YouTube.  I tried voice on my box in the YouTube app and it's working fine.  Did you try rebooting the box?  And lastly the "updating" message on the Pik TV app from the Android TV home screen.  Do you have a moment to check the Play Store?  Under My Apps in the Play Store do you see an update for Pik TV or does it say it's already updated?

I don't see either the PIK TV under my Apps or the notice that it is updated (Google Play Store)

So how do a go about updating my PIK box since it displays a number of bugs

Community Power User
Community Power User

You do it from within the settings option of the device itself. The apps on the Google Play store would be for mobile devices.


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So it's now April, and the Pik TV guide still starts at the very last channel in the guide when I select it on the remote. This only happens when I'm viewing my specialty channels, not when I view the regular/local channels. It is very annoying having to cursor up to the last channel you were watching when you just want to see what's on next.

There was supposed to be a March update that addressed these guide issues.

What gives?

Just got an app update about 30 minutes ago and my guide seems to be working properly now. Always comes up on the channel I am watching.

Hey so example if i am on AMC and open the guide it will say im on TLC and alot of channels with no information listed as well
And i have updated the box but still asks me for an update thank god telus cares and took care of my bill cause im beyond frustrated but at the same time i think that the more people who get pik tv the more the issues will get resolved and what id like to see is the investigation discovery because i also see way to many foreign channels lol

@someone_9e9 thank you I'll add your comment about AMC getting TLC to @AfterMath's comments.  The "no information available" has already been logged and we're working on that one so I hope to have good news soon.


What do you mean by investigation discovery and foreign channels?  Do you mean the multi cultural channels we added over the summer?