New Features on Pik TV!

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Community Manager

Update June 2nd, 2019



New features and performance improvements are now available to the Pik TV app on the Android Media Box, Browser, and Mobile apps. Our latest updates will enrich the experience and reduce lag. Here’s what you can expect:


What’s New?  


Improved Voice Features Monitor.png

Including the new voice commands, Pik TV STB now supports more than 150 phrases; including “critically acclaimed movies”, “turn on closed captioning”, “launch 3rd party apps”, and “open Netflix”. Find out more here.


Next Episode Coming Up mobile.pnglaptop.pngMonitor.png

For all you binge watchers out there, we will be introducing Next Episode playback that will reduce the effort required to continue watching your favourite TV series.

More ways to channel surf mobile.pnglaptop.png

Just for the App and Browser versions of Pik TV, we are introducing the ability to see what other live programs are playing without having to launch the Guide.


Performance Improvements mobile.pnglaptop.pngMonitor.png

Improvements in load times when launching TV guide and opening Episode Lists within the application.




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Play Store still show Sept 12, 2018 as the latest version.

Some sort of delay?


Hey @starscream323! Thanks for the heads up. Our teams are just finalizing the new features and making some last-minute tweaks, so we have updated the release date for these updates to next week. If there are any more delays we'll keep this post updated. Otherwise we will be on the edge of our seats for next week. Smiley Happy


Thanks for the update @Tai !


Does your team know if there are any plans to update the Pik TV box to Android 8.0 in the near future?

Other Android boxes like Nvidia Shield and Sony TVs have been updated to Android 8.0.


@starscream323 Based on the version number, the update planned for next week will still be Android 7 / Nougat. Unfortunately I haven't heard any chatter here about the next planned release yet. Sorry!




How about having a closer look at the 3 ADB catlog files I posted on Google Drive that can be reached here:


Each time the Android box got stuck in screen saver or simply died with a black screen or showing the program guide, but not functioning anymore. The last four digits of the filename give the time in hours and minutes when the box visibly died. It is really stupid to release new features without having the old known errors fixed first! 


And another thing: Not having a place were developers can be reached to report bugs is a shame considering the poor performance of the PikTV offering! Or did I miss something?




Helpful Neighbour

How about fixing the set-top box problem with Netflix fitzing out almost ever time? It's become almost impossible to watch a Netflix title to completion. The vdo turns to snow and the box needs to be rebooted. Pulling the power doesn't fix it like it used to. Netflix is one of the reasons I got Pik TV set-top box - but it's so bad now I'm about ready to cancel. 


Also, the using the guide is still frustrating slow - especially on start-up. It can take 15-30seconds for the system to respond to the remote after it displays the channel and overlays the guide.

Helpful Neighbour

It's clear by the survey Telus conducted over the summer that they are aware that Pik TV is a problem child. 


What other consumer media product requires a hard power off reboot multiple times a week just to be barely and unreliably "usable"?


Name one.


I can't.