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Moving from other apps (e.g. Netflix, Plex) BACK into Pik App: Spinning wheel or grey/black screen


Hi Everyone,


When I switch between other apps back to Pik on the media box I get a "stuck screen" response via the following flow.


Home page----Netflix/Plex----play a video----"hit" Menu Key-----spinning wheel or black/grey screen.

I can recreate this experience about 70-80% of the time.


Spinning wheel fix: To "fix" this issue I can hit guide and than select another channel. 

Black/Grey Screen: Usually have to close the Pik app and re-open. (this part is annoying)





TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

@onetyme when relaunching Pik TV after using another app results in the Pik TV getting stuck on a black screen?  Hitting menu resolves the issue?

Hitting menu to get back into the Pik app from another app like Netflix actually causes the black screen.

@onetyme after hitting menu and getting the black screen can you try hitting menu again?  Is this happening to you every time?

I would say it happens about 40% of the time now. it used to be 80%. If i hit menu again it get's jammed i usually hit guide. or try to skip channels.