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How do we stop the auto-start?


1) I go to the Telus & a PVR menu screen when I turn the TV off, yet still when I turn the TV back on, it goes to a current channel & starts playing it. Unless I pause that & exit out, it continually plays in the background while I’m trying to select & watch what I want. It is so annoying & distracting, all this yapping going on in the background. We really hate this auto-start force-fed stuff.  Sometimes you have to fight your way back to the show that is running in order to get rid of it. Why suddenly this auto-start in your face stuff. What can I do to stop this so I can turn on the TV, it’s quiet, & I can quietly click around & decide what I want to watch?


2) When watching an On Demand show, if you pause the show & exit out to watch another show in Demand, as you look around, suddenly your “other” show starts up & starts rolling along in the background. So you have to exit from where you are, go find the “other” show, pause it & go back to searching, only to have it auto-start again in the background. Again, how do we stop this super annoying Telus app from taking over the TV & automatically starting programs we are not watching or no longer watching.


All this auto-start stuff just started about a week ago. Did Telus update their app….to this annoyance? Why can’t they just simply leave it alone & leave the start-pause-stop controls in the hands of the user? How do we get around this?


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @Shelley99 Which box are you using? The latest TELUS TV Digital box or one of the older 4K PVRs? For the 4K PVRS, to disable it, while it is on the screen press the OPTIONS button on your remote and set the Display automatically option to OFF.