Guide, Playback controls issues & casting, channels

1st day, probably won't last the 30 days. Guide in Live TV mode does not retain settings of subscribed channels in main guide. Have to flip thru EVERY single channel telus has. Deal breaker.

No playback controls on live tv. No pause, skip, back, etc.. Even as a streaming service these are basic functions in many. No control. Deal breaker.

I don't generally watch streaming on my phone. Apps cast very well to my much larger TV. Since browsers are flakey trying on Chrome, IE and Safari that leaves a featureless app. Deal breaker.

Literally half of basic channels are french and a few others govt. and other 'cultural' that leave a small fraction of paid for channels watchable. Sad. Considering the lack of control features and casting even the Pik 5 (the only interesting channels) are not enjoyable or convenient, meaning I'll give telus 28 days to fix things then it's adios! Too bad.
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Community Power User
You do realize piktv is for cord cutters and all options are not available to it. Pause, FWD, RWD and Rec. If you require that feature Optik TV service would be a better choice. As a budget friendly option you have to expect some sacrifice.

Casting is up to the channel providers (TSN, CTV, CBC etc) and what platforms they allow it to work on. You can find some Channels that allow casting within their own app. (CBC gem, Global app to name a few).

PikTV is half the cost of what the CRTC mandated for “skinny basic”. The channels are included as a base and have to cater to everyone.

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PikTV is not going to be chosen by cable cutters if it's not competitive. There are better implemented alternatives available.


Users like WillieB are actually giving Telus a favor by doing free QA.