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Broken Apple version of Pik tv app

Since the update I have not had a better experience. In fact the pik tv app is unwatchable. It pauses, freezes. Then fast forwards itself. The best part is this is only happening on apple tv box I got from Telus. And the pik tv app. All other apps (Amazon Video, Disney+, Apple TV, and Netflix) all work fine. Spent the last 2 mornings uninstalling and the reinstalling the app. Super frustrating. And no support. Short of "uninstalling and reinstalling fixes it all the time."
That's not support... And it doesn't work....
Some help in finding a resolution would be great!

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Community Power User

PiktTv on my AppleTV runs as smooh as butter. Using the latest release and using a wifi connection. Have you done an uninstall, restart the Apple TV then install the app?


Are you using a hard wired or wireless connection. 

Hi @AbBowhunter 


I think this is related to a bug with Apple's Zero Sign On. The workaround right now, if prompted for your TV provider during the reset/install process, select ‘Do not allow’. 


If your Apple TV is already set up and you're having trouble with the Pik TV app, go to the Apple TV Home Screen, then navigate to Settings -> Users and Accounts -> Apple TV Accounts -> TV Provider -> Sign Out



Did that. Didn't help. Still broken and not watchable.

It feels like "tech support" isn't really technical. And that Telus doesn't care because to be honest that is the perception.

Did all of that. 6x. Didn't help. And here's the thing. All of the other streaming apps (Netflix, Amazon Video, Disney+ and Apple TV) all work just fine. No issues at all. Just the Telus pik tv app. It's broken and I get the feeling Telus doesn't care..

Useless post. Why don’t you ask “have you tried switching it off and on again?”

I'm having the same problem. Telus' solution was mail me a new Apple TV what's that going to do. The AppleTv Box works fine, the only app that doesn't work is the piktv app.

My neighbor 2 doors down from me same issue also.
Wonder when I'm going to be able to watch tv again?

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Community Power User

The App works fine on my Apple TV, and that of many other folks. After base troubleshooting, replacing the device is a reasonable step.


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And since Telus sent me this device. Are they going to replace it? Also I am not the only one having this very issue. My neighbor 2 doors down from me does too. This is now a Telus issue. It's their app that is not working. And in my humble opinion that should break the service agreement as they are no delivering on there end. My Telus is not working as I want. And all I want is to be able to watch tv on an actual tv. I don't think that ask is too much for a tv provider....

So, the fix from Telus was to send out a replacement Apple TV unit. And guess what. It's still broken. Hey @telus fix your broken crap!

Same here, only the Pik app is busted (seemingly when they changed to the purple icon).


Other apps like Global/CTV can steam live TV without issue.


I get it works fine for some people, that's cool. But there's enough of us complaining that it doesn't work, that there must be an issue.

Also, if anyone from Telus is even reading this.. I'm happy to help troubleshoot with someone who actually knows what they're doing.


I can pull logs from the AppleTV if you need, and am happy to be tossed into any kind of beta/testflight program you may have.

Our app development team is aware of the issue and working to resolve it. It's not widespread, but I know that's of no consolation if it's not working for you. My apologies and thanks for your patience. 

If they are so aware of the issue why hasn't it been fixed yet? No matter how you cut it. It's craptastic service from Telus. Seems to be the new normal....

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@AbBowhunter ,

   Maybe because it is an intermittent issue, and not happening to all? PikTV works fine on my Apple TV of a few years age.


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"and not happening to all?"

No, it's happening to me as well.

Wasn't happening before this latest version, and now the AppleTV is useless.

Is there a timeframe this is hoping to be fixed. Our piktv is almost unwatchable at this point

For what it's worth, I have the same problem. PikTv is unwatchable on two different apple tv's (one brand new) and my ipads, all other streaming apps (netflix, stacktv, prime, crave, plex, disney, etc) work fine. 

I just got off the phone with Telus and they claimed that they only get a call about once a week saying there is problems with Pik... sounds like more calls need to happen.