Authentication error when cell phone tries to connect to home wifi.

For the last couples weeks my phone keeps disconnecting from my home wifi or failing to auto reconnect when I come home. When I check the wifi status it says authentication error. The password is correct, sometimes when I try to reconnect it will work on the 3rd or 4th try. I have turned off the smart switching so I now have two networks one 2.4g (which I renamed and removed the -2.4g from: "homenetwork-5g & homenetwork" I am still having connection issues even though I've deactivated smart switching and my wifi network is very strong... I have several other devices and smart home devices connected with strong signal that never fails. Any other ideas? I'd say it was my phone but I don't have the issue anywhere else and it just started at home a couple weeks

Which phone? Have you searched your phone model to see if others are having similar issues?


Have you tried forgetting the SSID on the phone and starting over?