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AppleTV app hot garbage

Just Moved In

Look Telus,


I love Pik, it's cheap, works good, and I can use my Telus login to activate various Apps like Global.


Your App is something else. Regularly the video goes out of sync of the audio, eventually turning into a 15-20 delay. Yet all other streaming apps like Global/City work without issue. Crave works without issue. Netflix, etc.. This happened several months ago "seemed" like it was fixed and now its back with a vengeance.


I have 4 AppleTVs throughout the house, running a mix of 14.7/15.0. All wired via ethernet. Speedtests are 120/30. 


My boxes are not the issue. I'm not calling Apple, or your Tier 1 support that will basically just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and suggest an uninstall/reinstall.  Again, all other streaming Apps work without issue.


Please get this sorted. If you have any form of beta program or a testflight link I can sign up to, I would love to.