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Apple TV app requires login each time

Friendly Neighbour

latest app version, re-installed many times.


every time I leave the app or turn TV off, the next visit to the app requires login!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


and you cannot even post a note to support???? kinda telling how interested Telus is in service, I wonder?


TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @applesauce Please try disabling Apple's Zero Sign On with TV Provider (under TV Provider) in your device's settings. Doing this has resolved a number of login issues for customers. Thanks. 

I couldn't find that setting.

however, I refreshed my PikTV credentials in the TV Provider section of AppleTV settings (signet and signing) and that "appears" to have alleviated the need to re-login to the PikTV app each time

Just Moved In

You have to go to the Apple TV Menu, select "Users and Accounts" then scroll down to Apple TV Accounts, you'll see TV Provider > Telus.  You select that and change the "Allow TV Provider to Access" for Pik TV to OFF.  That fixed it for me. 


Now I am dealing with a poor Pik TV app that won't let me scroll down to the program listing under the guide ... it only goes down the the date line 😞 -- forcing me to reset my Apple TV to fix it.  No other apps do this... Prime Video and Netflix all work fine.

Hi @HPSauce , I will pass the feedback to our development team. Were you able to fix the guide scroll issue through resetting the Apple TV?

Friendly Neighbour

whenever it occurs, i have to exit the Pik screen, then bring a new one up - that seems to work