Anybody having trouble with CTV Audio and Video getting out of sync?


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Friendly Neighbour
my CTV channel was not freezing, but the video was jumpy, not smooth at all. Skipping frames. The audio was fine, but the video was coming through as though the frame rate was really low.  I haven't reset the box (ie unplugged the power) yet, but will give that a try when I get home.

Being facetious, I did not know that Telus employed the "Microsoft" fix to all their technical issues... unplug, reset, and reboot.  If that was the solution, the problem would have been solved day-1.


As a valued customer of Telus my treatment has been fantastic, every tech support did their utmost to assist, but there is no turning a silk purse out of a pigs ear.  The Pik TV product is below standard... It is disappointing that the Telus would associate their brand with such a poor product.


I was able to reconnect with tech support, it is tough when applying rules of elimination and the end result is the Pik TV module and/or the Channel provider.  So, I am getting another box to eliminate that it is not the Pik TV module so the blame can be transferred to the Channel provider.


Here's hoping that month 2 would be better.


Just checked the following problem channels: CBC, CTV, Global, W, Space, Discovery and History, each for 10 minutes. They all were without any problems.


Sure I have the best setup one can have: The TV Box is connected through 100Mb wired Ethernet to a dedicated router and a switch directly to the ONT. No other devices connected. Confirmed Speed is 25/25. A 30' wireless connection, 2 or 5 Ghz, never worked that well.


If you have problems, before you even call support, try other sources on your box first i.e. YouTube or Crackle. If they are good then your setup is fine. If not then try to fix your connection first.