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Anybody having trouble with CTV Audio and Video getting out of sync?

Helpful Neighbour

Anyone else having trouble with watching CTV? Sometime in the last week we began to have issues when watching CTV Vancouver on Pik TV. We don't seem to have this trouble on other channels.

The picture freezes while the audio continues for 10-15 seconds then suddenly the audio skips back to before the screen freeze. The audio and video then sync back up at the point of the screen freeze. Tonight it has been happening every couple minutes.

We have tried cycling the power on the box and modem but this particular channel is being problematic.

Let me know if you have dealt with this too.


Community Power User
Community Power User
The PikTV device isn’t the problem. Streaming YouTube, Netflix ec there isn’t an issue, eliminating bandwidth/connection issue.

The fault seems to be on the Telus backend. Now that the holidays are over, hopefully the engineers can diagnose and fix the problem.

It’s progressively been getting worse since Christmas.

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Space and CTV are awful. I can't even watch Space right now as the freeze and skip issue happens every 3-4 mins it's terrible. Yet another reason I'm canceling after the world juniors are over.