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Ability to Manage Subscription Broken

Friendly Neighbour

When I attempt to manage my Pik TV subscription, the browser based interface gives me a QR code which opens the Telus app on my phone. However, the Telus App is broken.  This has been going on for 4+ months.  I have tried to make several call to Telus support, but after getting through first line of support, I get forwarded to customer retention who eventually drops the call. Is the message being sent (unintentionally or intentionally) a bit obvious?   This product is *not* supported.



Unfortunately, I hear you all too loud and clear. I do wish that I had a better answer for you. I went through the same steps you did 4 times, and finally, after 5 months, threw my hands up. However, a month later, I was checking something on my app and thought “why not check it out?” Well, working like it should have been all along. I guess the best I can tell you is don’t give up. Someone might listen.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

HI @philWhistler 


Do you happen to know if your internet connection is PureFibre or copper? The 2 technologies use slightly different systems. I'm on Pure Fibre and was just able to successfully make a change in the My TELUS app to my Pik account. 


Failing that, have you tried to use the chat function? It's often faster than an agent and they should be able to process channel swaps - this type of transaction shouldn't need retention.

Friendly Neighbour
Doesn’t matter. The Telus app runs on the Telus app on Android or iOS. The same error comes up on Rogers cellular, home wifi (copper), or anywhere else.

It might work only from PureFibre, but that would be weird to set such an arbitrary restriction without telling anyone no?

ps. Don’t get me started about Telus PureFiction™ fibre. 🙂

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @philWhistler 


Sorry if I wasn't clear - what I meant was TELUS's ordering systems are slightly different if you have copper to the home or fibre to the home. The My TELUS app is the My TELUS app and doesn't matter if you're on TELUS Internet, WiFi, Rogers' mobility network or the TELUS mobility network, and iOS or Android mobile.


If you're having trouble with your home internet, I'd recommend calling and asking for technical support.


I'd also recommend removing your full name and email address from a public forum.

Friendly Neighbour

I have had a ticket open for about a week over not being able to manage channels over browser or mobile, the tech dept cant add or change the channel lineup either....I had 9 extra channels now I only have 5 and cant change anything....ready to cancel.

For the record, just tried again…