2-channel stereo sound from Pix TV box?


by any chance can I extract 2-channel stereo sound from the Telus Pik TV box?


I want to get the sound signal running into RCA cables so I can hook into my old-school 2-channel stereo


obviously there are no RCA jacks built into the box, but maybe I can somehow extract sound out of the USB jack, or ???


I suppose I could by an inline "HDMI sound extractor" device, but that involves buying another box with AC adapter, HDMI cable, etc. -- too complicated


thanks for any ideas


PS: my old Roku 1 box is great because it has RCA jacks built in... I just run a $3 RCA cable from there into my stereo, and get amazing stereo sound

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Why not use the audio out from the tv to feed the receiver?
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The first question will be does the Pik TV box even support that function on the USB port? If by some long shot it does, you're going to need something that will convert digital (USB) to analog (rca). Most RCA to USB adapters are for importing video/audio rather than the other way around. A lot don't work either so beware of ones on Amazon.


A USB sound card may work, IF the Pik TV box and even Android will support it. Memory Express has a USB to 3.5mm audio adapter that you could try but no guarantees it'll work. Most adapters won't work when connected directly to AV equipment including TVs.

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If you want to connect directly to the PikTV box. You'd need a DAC converting the optical out signal to rca

something like this would pull the audio from the hdmi and allow you to send it to a receiver.




yes, a small cheap DAC unit to convert the toslink digital output from the back of the Pik TV box should do the trick!


that will convert it to 2-channel audio and I can plug my RCA cables into it


Q: seems that Pik TV app outputs in 2-channel stereo, but what if I'm running the Netflix app?... will that also be in 2-channel? (because I know that Netflix does "support" Dolby surround)


these small DAC units seem to run PCM stereo only, so I want to make sure that I can get the sound out for Netflix especially


I'm just wanting 2-channel stereo (out to my vintage stereo amplifier), not Dolby surround