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wireless connect PVR box VIP5662W

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Telus PVR box VIP5662W has to be wired connect to the T3200M router. I have an old Linksys WRT400N and configured it as client-bridge mode wireless connecting to my T3200M router. then connect the wire from WRT400N to the PVR box. the connection is good and I am able to watch TV, but the problem is it will show for about 15 seconds then the screen will freeze, change to other channels, same thing, play about 15 seconds and freeze. I am wondering if my old WRT400N isn't fast enough and if buying a fast AC router, will the above issue be fixed?

anyone ever successfully connect this PVR box wirelessly could you please share your configuration/model?


Community Power User
Community Power User

The issue is the Linksys doesn’t pass the multicast signal needed for Optik. If you can connect directly to the T3200M you will solve that issue. The other choice is to upgrade to a new PVR, which will allow a wireless connection.


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Are you running 3rd party firmware on your Linksys? As far as I know the WRT400N does not support wireless bridge mode.

If you are using DD-WRT then it's likely that multicast is not supported in wireless bridge mode.

yes, I am running DD-WRT on the linksys. which firmware support multicast on bridge mode?

I'm not familiar with what other firmware is available for your Linksys. I have a cabinet full of old routers and none of them are Linksys.