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view subscribed channels only in Guide

Just Moved In

When the Telus service man setup our system he showed a way in which the Guide could be limited to subscribed channels only. This was without going through favorites, etc. It wasn't an obvious menu choice. We have forgotten how it was done. Can someone remember how it is done?


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi there! You can do this by accessing the Enter/Options button on your TELUS remote. This will bring up a menu on the right hand side of the screen. The option you'll select is 'Favourites List' and then the option 'Subscribed Channels Only'. The wording isn't exact, but that should get you to the correct option. : )

Thanks for this and was wondering if there is an option as well to only see HD channels and not the SD

@roadrunnerv4c, most SD channels are in the high channel number range (9xxx) and separate from the equivalent HD feed. The only SD channels appearing in the low channel range are those without an HD equivalent so it doesn't make sense to filter them out entirely.

Perhaps colour coding the SD channels in the guide might be useful. However I'm not sure if anyone would choose not to watch a program they are interested in just because it's in SD only.


I had that same question in my first few days using the Telus PVR, and I've seen a couple of other people ask it here in the forum as well. The function to set the guide to show Subscribed channels should be duplicated on the Settings menu where people logically expect it to be.

@Doug1Ames1, good idea. You should submit it in the Ideas section.