tv rip off


i was told by telus sign up for a 2 year contract and i will get a free TV, they said call customer service

which i did. i was told in 2-6 weeks i would have my TV.

when it came time to get my TV, i was told i would not be getting it. i did not qualify for it, but if i was to keep paying there high cost TV service in maybe 3-4 months they would honor the free TV.

i said for get it, i said i no longer want your TV or internet service.

i said i am not paying for canceling the two year contract after only a month of service.

they waved the fee

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Some months ago when Telus was advertising the free TV offer I contacted them about it.  Later I was told that my area did not quality, I live outside the lowermainland which I think is where you need to live to take advantage of that offer.  I think it is gone now.

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

The gift with purchase are also based on credit checks. If it's a brand new account and the credit check doesn't come back very good then they may be able to do something once they've had a couple months of good payment history. In mobility we do the same thing and it's the credit limit program. We need 6 months of on time payments before we can put a customer on a cell phone contract if they've come back with a challenging credit score. I'm not sure what the conditions are for home services but they probably have something similar. Could also be the area. Certain promotions at certain times. They also have certain tv packages and internet combos that make you eligible for a free tv vs not eligible. For instance a package where you spend more money would make you eligible than a package that is cheaper monthly because there's a cost to subsidizing the tv. 

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