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Just Moved In

i don't know if my last question was posted, so i'll try again here.

when i have been watching a show on t.v. it keeps cutting to a blue screen with a " no signal"  message on it and cutting back the show i am watching. the wires and the hook up are fine and nothing is wrong there, but i am wondering why it's still cutting in and out like this. could it be because of the storms we have been having? or could it be that a power line is down somewhere? if someone could please give me some advise or even some possible answers, that would be much appreciated. thank you. 



Could be the HDMI Cale.  Change the HDMI Cable or try the RCA outputs to see if this still happens.  Cannot be the storms. 


Could also phone Telus and ask them to check out your signal path to see if everything is working correctly.