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How about including Sun News Network in your "essentials" or in the news network packages.  You offer CBC which takes a billion dollars of the taxpayers money every year  but do not include Sun News which receives no subsidy.  By the way, I never watch CBC



Edit: By the way, the start post of this thread(May 28 2014) has floated up to the top of the forum for no reason. That glitch where posts move to the top without any new replies to it, is still around.


Already in the news package.

SunNews also now receives millions of dollars in subsidy for being in the News package.


CBC is a Crown Corporation.

SunNews owners hate the CBC.

History is a fascinating subject.

 Just the facts, thats all.



Obfuscated, Internet  advertising.

Explain, please?

Corporations have employees who will use 'social media manipulation' to pretend to be users who will then post calls for providing a sevice or product that already easily exists.   Along with regular users who are passionate about the product and will pretend to not know the available product is available, in order to promote it.

    Another version of 'social media manipulation' is where SEO's(search engine optimization) will spam forums/blogs and post certain phrases or hidden links to their product in order for the Search engions to see it and to raise their rankings.  Google saw this and then slapped down many companies using this type of advertising.



Sun News Network is available in the News Theme Pack.


You can find details listed here:​