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I just found out there is no replacement for the nascar coverage speed had. I will look for a new provider!



The Speed channel will no longer be available to TELUS customers. It will not be moving to another channel and FOX Sports 1 is not currently available. 

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Bad news, but thank you very much for the information.

Speed Channel still available? NONSENSE!!! I just read the post saying it was, but on MY Optik TV all I get is a black screen with a message saying that Speed IS NOT AVAILABLE and won't be for the foreseeable future. One step closer to switching everything over to Shaw...

My Optik Tv has "Speed Channel Discontinued" on my screen. Might as well drop the rest fo the sports channels now as  I dont give a crap about hockey or baseball.

Yeah no speed channel here either. Might be dropping my sport package as well

Telus, you **bleep**ing suck, you remove the Speed Channel with zero notice and there is a race tomorrow, its the only channel I basically watch. You will not get another dime from me and will be canceling in the AM. Going to go to Satelite, at least I can get other channels.

Unreal. MotoGP Mugello starts in 1.25 hours and I won't see it because telus sucks! Thanks for the warning and for making it available elsewhere. Oh wait, your f*ing didn't!!!! Hate hate hate telus right now!

During recent contract negotiations with the provider of SPEED, we were unable to come to a favourable agreement. It is no longer provided with your Optik TV service. TELUS recognizes supporters of this channel are disappointed and hope you’ll understand that this decision was not taken lightly.  TELUS notified the customers that subscribed to this channel with your monthly bill or E.bill notification. If you want to watch MotoGP, you can visit for live coverage. If you have any comments and requests about Optik TV programming, you can always send them to

And how would I have found this link without you mentioning it in the forum? It is nowhere to be found in tour basically useless contact link. For a "communications" company you continually miss the boat in customer care & contact.

Do the Telus moderators "Hippo" and "Cheetah" actually talk to each other? One says we will continue to get Speed, the other says not. Whose head is up whose (unmentionable)? Do you actually even read the posts?

@vigilant wrote:

Do the Telus moderators "Hippo" and "Cheetah" actually talk to each other? One says we will continue to get Speed, the other says not. Whose head is up whose (unmentionable)? Do you actually even read the posts?


No one bothers to reads the date on posts.


No one bothers to read if it is Telus satellite TV or Optik TV. One expired sooner than the other.


No one bothers to read their bills along with any 30 day notices contained about channel changes.



Please send all your hate mail about the cancellation of Speed Channel in Canada(already cancelled in the U.S.) to Fox, TSN, the CRTC, the Canadian Competition Bureau and the Heritage Minister(protecting you from easy access to U.S.A. TV channels).



You must have received a different bill than ours. No mention of Speed disappearing but Telus did try to sell us: Home Phone Calling Cards; free previews of Cottage Life, WFN; and a selection of on-demand movies.

Actually, might I recommend sending such "hate" mail to Shaw. I am sure they would be thrilled to hear from dissatisfied Telus customers.

Excuse me, but the Telus SCHILL/MODERATOR Cheetah is so far out to lunch that it is dinner time.  I have subbed to Speed TV for years and now it is gone.  NO Notification, NO offer of discounts, nothing.  I will be seriously looking at cancelling Telus TV.

Seriously telus?!? "You can visit motogp at" Yes and we can see everything else at Shaw or Bell too. I will seriously be going through mu full package and cut back until my agreement is up with you and then moving on to another provider. And to say that yesterday i was telling my daughter maybe i should even have my 3 cell phones with you guys. Thank you for opening my/ and everyone elses' eyes. Oh, and BTW, 4 days ago no one in your "customer service" knew there wasn't going to be an option for Speed channel. Maybe you should inform your own employees as well.

It is upsetting to discover Speed was suddenly removed from the lineup without warning. I would expect any warning of a television channel to appear as a crawl on the screen of the affected channel. Anything else is a slap in the face of the customer. In the meantime, what reduction in fees can I expect after this reduction in services Telus provides? As Shaw calls me about every month or two there is no point in me getting upset. I do have another option if it provides me with better service...and respect.

What a crock. I called and complained, they said they tried to warn everyone thru email etc. I found out last night at 2 am when I was setting my PVR. I for one am confused how a channel such as Speed, can ill afford to keep losing places for viewers to watch? Maybe its me, but if Speed was my channel, I'd have every cable subscriber showing it. Either way, the customer service guy was awesome and just bought MotoGP today, so when my contract expires Sep, I'll have to switch back to Shaw, at least they lowered their prices to a more reasonable amount.

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Dear Telus,


If Speed is no longer available within the Sports  theme pack what program is Telus offering as a substitute? If not a substitute – is there a reduction in the theme pack cost as Telus isn’t paying it anymore neither should Telus subscribers. Seems only fail don’t you think?




Phil Russell

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There is already a thread going about this issue >>

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UNACCEPTABLE! So little to watch anymore. TSN and TSN2 carry very few pre and post race programs, some that are daily. SPEED CHANNEL fills in the blanks. If it's so that SHAW will carry the SPEED CHANNEL, then TELUS, ROGERS and BELL will feel the amount of dedicated motorsports fans as surely the migration to SHAW will be inevitable and should happen as TV contracts expire. That should be a LOT of revenue that SHAW will enjoy. I don't think you people realize how many racing fans there are out there.

Unfortunately TELUS and Speed were unable to reach a favourable agreement in renewing a contract to carry the channel. I know it's frustrating to lose a channel that has the best coverage for that particular sport, hopefully an alternative can be found in the near future. You can submit feedback like this to : )