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I just found out there is no replacement for the nascar coverage speed had. I will look for a new provider!


I'm always open to good discussion and agree that this forum is here for that reason, but you may want to dial back the anger a bit. It isn't constructive.


I'd like to explore your opinion on "ALL corporations are scum" and "If you are satisfied living in a world where people or corporations can lie, decieve, manipulate and amend agreements I feel sad for you.". While I do conceed that some businesses are not dialed-in to what their customers what, i'm not sure I agree that a) they are ALL scum and b) they all lie, deceive and manipulate.


I'm also a bit confused about what all of that has to do with TELUS? They were up front and told people they couldn't come to an agreement with SPEED/Fox...and the terms of service that YOU agreed to gives them the right to change the offerings, provided they give you advanced notice. 


If you are truly that unhappy with the loss of the SPEED channel, then i'm sure Shaw would love your business. 

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again with the anger thing. anger is the halfway point on the journey from fear to hate, that is not what is being displayed here.   It would be disappointment and like most that have posted in this thread, a desire to be compensated for the loss of one of my main viewing channels. But you did answer my question, I know you are a telus employee now. Sorry to disappoint, but ALL corporations put profits and shareholders concerns before customers, ALL of them. Shaw, BC hydro, Bell, Rogers, terasen are no different. I will honor my agreement (unlike Telus) and ride it out, but will never pay for cable again from any provider when its over. Carry on with passively accepting, I'll leave that up to you. BTW, how did that work out for Ghandi?

@Dark_Knight  -- don't feed the trolls.

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So, no offer of refund? No options, just "As of May 30, SPEED will no longer be available..."?!?!?  WTF?? And sorry but "However, you can continue to enjoy auto racing on other channels like TSN, TSN2, and Sportsnet within the Sports theme pack." is lame. It's like saying you can find other TV shows on other channels.




At a minimum, you should offer a discount. We subscribed to somthing you offered and now you don't offer it any longer but you stil lcharge us for it?? 


I have been a Telus  customer for 20+ years from before Telus when they were Edmonton Telephones & AGT and I can't believe Telus would foist such a moronic decision on their customers!!! Of course there's nothing about reducing the package $$$ after removing Speed. My next destinatiion is Shaw's web site.

OK folks, I have found a solution to the speed/racing issue for everyone. There is a media program called XBMC, it's a free download in all operating systems. Once the main program has been installed there is an add-on that needs to be installed called fusion and wizard hub. A quick utube search will show you step by step how to install it. Once Fusion and the wizard are installed you will have 10,000+ movie and tv channels from all around the world. As a racing fan, there was every kind of racing all on a schedule with times for full viewing. I have spent 4 hours on XBMC and am now wondering why I pay for cable Smiley Frustrated

Speed streams live although that won't help those who wish to record .this speed absence sucks. Typical of telus service . I know I'm looking for alternatives . Couldn't be happening a worse time either with the race of all races lemans just around the corner

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Very, Very need to go find a new provider.....have overpaid for telus services for too long, but stsyed because of special interest in some channels etc., now speed is gone, another dissapointment and no notice or offers of discounts or replacements from telus.......wonder how many more are upset about this......there are a lot of motorracing fans out there......i only hope the rest will express their views strongly as well!!


I too am angry with this ridiculous decision by Telus. Speed Channel is the most important service they offered to me. I have two recordings of the notice they put up saying they were no longer providing Speed Channel in place of the MotoGP races I'd intended to record. I used their chat service and learned that Telus didn't wish to meet the terms and price Fox wanted for Speed Channel. The feed is available and is still available on Shaw cable. I signed a one year contract with them for service starting Sept 3, 2013, and specifically told their sales representative that Speed Channel had to be included. They have decided to break our contract. Up until they decided to just drop Speed from their services, I had been very pleased with their service. I like the Optic interface and their install technicians and customer service personnel have been first rate. Then, some idiotic executive decided not to renew with Speed, and we loose a very valuable resource. Telus, fire the idiot executive and renew your arrangement with Fox or whomever owns the rights to Speed Channel in Canada and get Speed back on my TV.

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  1. Fox shut down speed in the US. It's only a matter of time before it dies in Canada
  2. Fox is likely wanting to charge far higher rates simply to ensure the TV providers don't renew so they can kill the channel once the last one doesn't renew.
  3. Yes, Shaw has it. For now. Odds are whenever their renewal comes up, they'll likely drop it also. Bell and Rogers dropped Speed over a year ago.
  4. Not renewing the contract for the channel doesn't break your contract. Go re-read the terms of service etc.
  5. Re-read points 1 and 2.

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Speed is becoming Fox Sports I question the response that Speed is simply dying. From my understanding, it most definitely is not.

Nighthawk, I take it you work for Telus or some public relations firm that wotrks for Telus. All I want is that MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto 3 are available to me as they are the main reason I bought the service. I would also like to receive the World Suberbike and Sportbike races as well as the AMA Pro races, all of which Speed dropped this season. If you have any pull with Telus, see if you can get them to sort it out.

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I don't work for Telus or any company remotely related to them. If you are looking for specific sporting events, search online to see if TSN or Sportsnet has picked up the Canadian rights to them.


@RonThornton- Fox Sports 1 is not replacing Speed. It is an entirely separate channel. Plus FS1 is not coming to Canada. Fox has said it doesn't plan to offer it outside of the USA and the CRTC won't allow FS1 in Canada. (Zero canadian content)

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I don't know why you guys are not angry at Fox ? They are responsible for this mess. They have probably not even offer a chance for TELUS to renew the speed channel rights. Who knows.

My guess is that there were a lot of negotiations and details behind the scenes that we aren't privy to so it's hard to say what was and wasn't done. Unfortunately the Canadian market is such a small blip on radar for the US networks that they really don't care what we think or do.

FYI, I was just reading this thread on the subject over on

Also, from various other source on the Internet it seems Fox raised the price to carry Speed while reducing the programming. Rogers wanted to move Speed to a special package so that those interested could still subscribe without raising the price of the package it was currently in but Fox wouldn't let them. Thus Rogers dropped them. I suspect the TELUS negotiations went along the same lines. Not sure when Shaw's contract with Speed is up but I can't see things playing out much differently but we will see.

So Nighthawk, you talked to the good folks at fox and they told you this? If they did, they lied, Fox sports 1, 2 & 3 is offered in australia and england. I will say this 1 more time: Global is launching a new FOX SPORTS CANADA channel. They don't want the competition. Shaw just signed a new contract with fox, (june 3rd, 2014) for the speed channel. Fox at anytime can cancel the contract and pay out shaw for loses. I doubt speed will last much past the sept 17 launch date of fox canada and fox will pay out the only competition global would have. Any live sports on speed channel is a feed from the fox sports 1 channel and the rest of the programming is pre recorded shows. I have been watching everything i missed on speed this past weekend and alot more motosports with XBMC and the install of fusion and hub wizard.


Also nighthawk, Bell dropped speed channel earlier this year, why was telus allowed to carry on with that feed intil may 30th?

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Why find they remove this from Optik...


I have to add my 2 cents about Speed TV.  TSN,  Sports net etc are not replacements for Speed TV.  It needs to be put back.  If it is not replaced, I will have to start looking at breaking my contract with Telus.  They broke their contract with me.


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Why not add your 2 cents into one of the many EXISTING threads for this topic? Making a new thread will not bring back the channel as the decision is final. Plus if you bothered to read any of the other posts, there are explanations regarding Telus not offering Speed anymore. Telus had it for a year longer than Rogers and Bell did.

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I understand that Speed Channel will no longer be available ti us soon. Will the programming be brought to us on a different channel?....or will we have access to FOX Sports 1 ?