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speed channel

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I just found out there is no replacement for the nascar coverage speed had. I will look for a new provider!



Satellite TV


SPEED channel no longer available
Posted April 1, 2014

As of May 1, 2014, SPEED (ch. 417 and ch. 1413) will no longer be available on TELUS Satellite TV®. All other channels in your subscription remain unchanged.

I just received an email confirming that SPEED Channel will NOT be available on Optic TV after May 30, 2014.  Not Impressed!

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no SPEED channel any more?? just a bit ticked; time to look for another provider,,TSN sucks for racing coverage and what about the trucks??? Sportsnet isn't good either; can't get ESPN...what crap!!! not pleased..

I’m sorry to share disappointing news – our contract came up for renewal & we couldn’t reach an agreement.

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where is supercross and motocross coverage

no supercross or motocross, no aussie super 8 cars, no rolex series or continental tire series, no monster trucks, no nascar practices or qualifying, no nascar truck races, no more racing news and updates. Anyone like myself who is a racing fan, is SOL. it's all about profits and the racing fan customers didn't make the cut. Telus tries to make it sound like they were unable to aquire the channel. The reality is, profits over customer service, just like all corporations, upper management continues to get their 6 figure salaries and continue on the agenda of getting sharholders their maximum  profits at all cost's. I wounder what the total cost of lost customers is? Do they even care? I guess it's tough when there are dinasaurs that own their jobs making 60+K a year to feed. (I'm talking installers now) These post's are falling on deaf ears racing fans, speed is gone, time to find it somewhere else.......................................

Just Moved In
Do we get a refund on our billing for you guys removing our channels? My contract is coming up and I believe we are going to be switching all our services from Telus to Shaw. I have been fighting with telus optik tv repairman for just about 2 years as our service has never worked correctly and still doesn't and have never been given a refund or reduced bill, very bad customer service if you trying yo keep customers!

I called Telus customer service and a pleasant lady told me that Speed Channel is no longer available in Canada or the US. That surprised me, because I'd not heard that had happened. Many of my friends are motorcycle roadracing enthusiasts and Speed Channel is almost our only source of that content. I called a friend, who has Shaw cable service and asked him to check if Speed was still active on Shaw. He checked, and the Moto2 race was being broadcast as we spoke. I phoned Telus's customer service again and spoke with a young man, asking him why the previous customer service representative had lied to me. He said he couldn't understand why she would say such a thing, as he was aware that the service had been halted, and he said there had been many calls to Telus custome service regarding Speed being dropped from the Telus line-up. He did a little more checking and said the problem is with Bell. Telus has a lot of rural customers, and serves many of them via satellites owned by Bell.  It seems Bell is having a dispute with Fox regarding the price and terms for Speed channel and will not allow Telus to use the Bell satellite system if they offer Speed channel to their customers. So its a corporate spat and we, the customers lose a valued service. I suggest contacting the CRTC, Bell and Telus, and let them all know this is unacceptable, and needs to be changed.


I agree 100%. Epic failure on telus' part.


Just got off the phone with Shaw. Speed channel is in their top 10 favorite and most viewed channels. They were amazed Telus will no longer carry it and I am sure they are very happy to know they are about to get alot of new customers. Might want to pencil those numbers into the 3rd quarter for 2014 management. Wonder what the shareholders think about that..................

Just Moved In

this is the worst decision as to t v packages ever. We watch everything to do with nascar racing and your decision to cut speed just cost you a loyal customer and by word of mouth we  will let everyone know how much we dislike telus's service. at the next option we will be looking to alternate t.v. service providers and to heck with your so called package advantage.


A bit of Googling and the Blame lays at the feet of the Fox Network. The other half of the blame is usually the Canadian owned channels, which is for your Heritage protection(subsidize the asine Canadian owned channel by blocking the U.S.A. channel).


Fox is slowly killing off the speed channel and replacing it with Fox Sports 1 and 2.


Rogers dumped it awhile back

 Bell dropped it.

Will have to see if Shaw decides to keep it(providing it is not shut down) or kill it in the future as well(contract expire).



What channels cost(not accurate for end users costs).



Fair enough but don't continue to charge us for it on a monthly basis. Discount the package for the current subscribers or offer an equivalent alternative (which there is none - not "You can watch motorsports on other channels".

Friendly Neighbour

Lame excuse for dropping SPEED and its outlandish to suggest TSN will fill the void for motorsports coverage. Adding Foxsports 1 or ESPN should be your focus.

Why doesn't Telus consider adding beIN sports as a replacement to Speed? It recently was added to Rogers, Bell and MTS.

This would be a great suggestion to send to TELUS, you can submit feedback like this to : )

TELUS has added beIN sports and it is even on FREE PREVIEW until August 🙂

,,!,, to telus and all the other cable providers for gouging canadians with over priced everything. When my contract is up, I will never pay for cable again. I have watched every race and alot more on XBMC for free. The crtc are useless , corrupt sacks of crap that allow cable and cell providers to rip us all off with over priced rates and lower quality service than in other parts of the world. When it's cheaper for me to get a cell phone in Washington state and pay for the roaming charges in Canada, there is a problem.  NO channel replaces speed/fox sports 1. All the races that are covered on that channel are gone. Bein channel is crap and "free" trial, wtf does that mean? Rates increasing on the sports package? Have to pay for a single channel? Had I been aware of XBMC prior to signing with telus, I never would have. So I guess I should also thank telus, had they not cut speed channel, I never would have gone looking for that truck race and never would have found XBMC.

I'm always surprised how upset people get over the loss (or sometimes gain) of channels. There are a hundred other ways to view the content, it's not worth the lashing out at the cable co. 


In SPEED's case though, they have a history of trying to gouge service providers, so i'm not surprised that TELUS and other providers both in Canada and the US have dropped them. It seems like this anger is misdirected, we should all be complaining to Fox/SPEED. If you want to express your frustration, here's the Fox Sports contact us form: 



iPhone power user

So then, why did shaw sign a new deal with speed/fox sports 1 on June 3rd 1014? It's friday morning and I am watching sprint cup practice, just like I did a few weeks ago, on XBMC. ALL corporations are scum, they always put profits and shareholders over customers, always! As customers we are justified to express our disapointment with thier inability or in this case, unwillingness to continue to give customers the services we had when we signed on. Thats why the forums are here. If you are satisfied living in a world where people or corporations can lie, decieve, manipulate and amend agreements I feel sad for you. I demand honesty, integrity and services I signed on and paid for. maybe you are a telus troll?  maybe you arent, maybe you called to inquire about the contents of this thread and believed the lies you were told by the puppets on the phone? Just kinda curious why you are so willing to give telus a under the table handy J?