slow PVR and every 6, 6:30,7, 7:30pm etc though the day


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every half hour on my moms optic tv system with the t1200h modem/router and 7150 pvr the optic tv glitch's out, be doing this for the past 3 weeks!! very slow on pvr and my room set top box.. really needing to upgrade my box to new 4k set top box/cable box....


just check out on my ip url my dsl connection was out 5 days ago and uptime was 12 days.. why is dsl out like 5 days, should be like since 2 years ago when we had this problem fixed... tho it was a yellow copper splice out on the other side of the street on the concrete man hole that was sitting in the very bottom of it and in water!!



really need fibre and new pvr but mom wont upgrade, cause we are so busy plus she doesn't want to for some reason and we are on a budget

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Kief, as you have been previously advised many times, have your mom call Telus and speak with technical support. 


As for the modem statistics, you are misunderstanding the information shown. The uptime has nothing to do with your wiring issues 2 years ago. The information shown is broken into two categories. System Uptime and DSL Link Uptime. System uptime is the time since the modem was rebooted. DSL Link Uptime is the time since the modem last reconnected whether or not it was from a software upgrade, a line issue or something else.

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Additional thoughts....

  • what internet package has your family signed up for?
  • what speed do you get with this link?  run the test again when you are alone in the morning.
  • how many TV's do you have running on Optik?
  • are there others in the house with computers streaming video at the same time?