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remote Control issues

Just Moved In

While trying to link my TV with my telus box so I could power both devices with 1 push of the button I inadvertently made the controller power up and then a 1\2 second later power down my telus box. Is there a remote control reset button somewhere?

Thanks in advance.



Are you using the Slimline or Phillips remote?


To factory reset the Slimline remote: 

1) Press Options for minimum 3 seconds

2) LED will flash twice

3) Enter code 1000

4) LED will flash twice

**Before starting this process, the TV mode must be selected.**


To factory reset the Phillips remote:

1) Press and hold the STB mode key on the remote.

2) Without releasing the STB key, press and hold the OK key

3) Release both keys and all mode keys will blink twice

4) Enter the code 900 and the STB mode key blinks four times to indicate that you have successfully reset the remote to factory default settings.