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offline DVR

Just Moved In
Can I watch dvr recordings offline ? For example, if I take my dvr out to a show a recording to my mother in a retirement home and hook it up to her tv (which is not cabled), can we watch recordings that way ?

Community Power User
Community Power User

Offline viewing is not yet possible. The PVR will not work if you took it somewhere else as the recordings are encrypted and the box is registered to your home connection. 


Offline viewing of downloadable content may be coming in the future but it will be up to the individual channels, broadcasters, or content creators if they'll allow anything to be viewed offline. Shaw does have it for a few things (kids shows only so far) but it's for content from channels that they own.

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I went through this recently....


Check if the retirement home has wifi.  Many have wifi now to make life more comfortable for loved ones.


Once you are signed onto the wifi....

  • sign onto Optik on the Go and show the content to your loved one LIVE
  • Optik on the Go also offers TV on Demand
  • for PVR content, I use SlingBox with the SlingBox player.

I used an iPad for viewing Optik content.... otherwise consider an HDMI connector to hook up your device to room TV.  I assume your loved one has a private TV in their room.