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how do you cancel a TV contract when the person passed away

Just Moved In

I am the excutor for my father's estate who passed away in Oct 2013. I wrote a letter to TELUS in Oct 2013 asking them to cancel the contract but have not received any reply from them.


Today I received a TELUS bill for the month of November with the name of the account changed to "the Estate of ..." and the address changed to my home address. I guess this means that the contract has not been cancelled yet and I am still paying for the service which is not being used .


I am trying but failed to find out from this website where I can return the digital box and the modem before they will cancel the contract. I have given up hope trying to call TELUS on the phone.


Can somebody please let me know where can I return the devices and to cancel the contract? Thank you for your advice and help.





Here is a link with information on how to return your equipment:


To cancel the account, you would need to speak with the Loyalty and Retention department at 310-6988 and select option #3 to cancel.



Thank you for the info.