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how do I watch movies from my Philips DVd vcr player

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I am going nuts trying to learn how to watch satellite (why do I get a different channel from the one I punch in the number for after consultation with the list?) and trying to switch from SAT to TV so my granddaughter and I  can watch movies. (don't laugh....most movies and TV shows are unsuitable for young children!) The remote in the booklet I was supplied with this week looks nothing like the one I got, and buttons that are on the one in the book are not on the receiver I was supplied with. Since the switch over from Shaw, I cannot watch movies, but I alao cannot hookup a new wireless printer, which should be a snap. I have no information about networks and no idea where to find it.Bout the only thing I can still use is the phone! I was told whoever put in the satellite would not leave until I could run this stuff, but as soon as I started asking questions about how to use the remote, the guy was half out the door, telling me he knew how to hook up the satellite, but nothing else! I need the help I was promised. I trust Telus for my phone, which is why I bundled with Telus and not Shaw, but am seriously reconsidering my choice!  I have spent hours trying to find help on the net and found ONE page that might have  helped -- unfortunately, my granddaughter turned off the computer and I can't find that page again. Do you people realize that not all users are technologically saavy? I specified I would need HELP to understand the setup, but apparently it's easier to promise help than deliver! I am now stuck on one kids TV channel 😞


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Sorry to hear you were not assisted with those additional items. In most cases a TELUS tech would not help configure a wireless printer, but everything else on that list should have been taken care of. There are a lot of helpful tidbits on that should help resolve most of what you're experiencing. If you have trouble, don't hesitate to reach back here on the community and we can walk you through anything. : )

Well I can now print, thanks to my BIL in AB who remotely created a network name and key number -- something that should have been left for me when the system was hooked up

! I can sometimes change TV channels, (although there is no guarantee the program stated in the guide is the actual program airing) but still have no idea how to use my DVD/VCR player and still cannot find the page here that at least started to help with that. This website is very difficult to navigate!

Other disasters from hookup day included:

the installer left Shaw equipment, and boxes and cords everywhere. I have no idea what I can pitch and what Shaw may come calling for. I am mobiiity impaired and find it difficult to access Shaw's offices. The sales person in essence said that if Shaw wanted it back they could just come get it,(not very professional comment)  but since it's scattered everywhere....I just hope what the Telus employee stated is accurate and Shaw will  pick up their equipment.

While he was working on the TV I had  phone call. I did not know his work would interfere with the phone until I got a long deafening blast in my ear and was forced to hang up -- twice. What if I had needed to push my medical emergency button?  What would have happened to the signal? NO warning that my phone was temporarily inoperable and not to use it.

House alarm set off. No warning that it might react to a phone line being cut. (The alarm system's presence is clearly indicated by my front walk

Apparently I will need a new email address and a temp one was to be provided. Never happened.

I was told by the sales person that HGTV, FOOD and HISTORY were part of the Basic package. Not! Are all your sales reps trained to lie and lie to potential customers?????

I am going to have difficulty talking to Telus tomorrow -- No account number supplied. So they are just going to have to work off my name and phone number -- and at this point i don't really care if my call disturbs their routine. I fully intend to ask for a supervisor and will talk to no one below that category. I can safely state that I am not going to be in any mood for politeness I am so disgusted with service received so far.

Please PLEASE forward this to upper management. They drastically need to make some changes in both staff training and ethics! Although as long as the dough roll in. I doubt if ethics will ever change, and no cutesy advertising will ever make up for the lack thereof.

None of the tidbits suggested were helpful. I needed someone to watch and listen to, someone to  make notes for me as they explained ( I cannot due to nerve damage) and someone who has the time to actually let me try to operate things. This is the kind of service I meant when I said I  would need someone to help me until I understood the system!

Community Power User
Community Power User

Ask for a supervisor? Hah. Telus is unionized. You may talk to a "supervisor" but the regular workers will be the ones doing the work. I know you're frustrated but call in, act like a decent human being and be polite. That will be the quickest way to deal with the issue. Anything else will just waste your time. Also nothing on here will make it to management, ever. It's a web forum, not investor relations.


Don't expect help with the DVD player either from Telus. It's unsupported. customer owned, equipment. Do you know how to switch inputs on your TV? That'll be the only way to get it to work. Is the Satellite box connected to the TV using HDMI, Component or Composite cables? Same question for DVD player, if it's connected. 


My TV Setup: Bluray/DVD player >> HDMI >> TV << HDMI << Telus box. I just switch inputs and remotes when I watch a DVD. Quick and easy. Telus didn't help with it but with HDMI it's basically plug and play.

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