how come i can no longer rent movies in non-hd version


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i don't have an hd tv .

there must be non hd versions available for telus to show.

the non hd versions were $5 and the hd versions are $6

seriously 2 years into this 3 year arrangement jacked up my rates on me in march 2013 then again in march 2014 and you phased out non-hd movie rentals in vod in the summer of 2013.

the people doing this should be shot and pissed on



Hi mrdaniel,


Sorry to hear about that.


The reason why there are no SD versions of movies are available are many:


1) The demand for SD movies has gone down considerably, especially where consumers want content in High Definition now.

2) Develops, Publishers, and all individuals who make the movies are creating their content in High Definition first, so there is a cost associated into converting it into a SD format.


If you have any questions about your bill or you current agreement, I recommend you speak to someone in our Loyalty department, we do appreciate your business and loyalty, and to show it please give us a call and we shall see what we can do for you.


Hope this helps.



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