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TELUS TV Feature Updates - Ongoing

Dear Neighbours, We’re experimenting with different formats to assure you we’re listening and working on improvements to the TELUS TV platforms. We have frequent releases designed to tackle the platform's immediate and long-term stability, and we’ll ...

Optik-Kate by TELUS Team Member
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Resolved! Optik TV Bulletin Board: Discover, Discuss, and Develop

Dear Neighbours, We’re the TV Product Development team, and we strive to bring you a continuously improving TV service and experience that fits your needs. Since the launch of the new Optik TV service through the TELUS TV+ platform, our business and ...

OptikKate_0-1685989977928.png OptikKate_1-1685989977929.png OptikKate_2-1685989977929.png OptikKate_3-1685989977929.png
Optik-Kate by TELUS Team Member
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Resolved! Home screen update

Yesterday, when turning on the Optik box, a notice popped up about a "new" home screen. Now, whenever I turn on the Optik box, I get ribbons across the bottom of the screen listing "Live TV & Recordings" and "Continue Watching on Demand". It does dis...

dciarnie by Organizer
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Resolved! OPTIK TV not showing up in devices list

Telus assistant does register to google home successfully, but only the Telus router is available as a device??? How do I get the OPTIK TV box to show up?

srideou1 by Organizer
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Resolved! Programming cut off too early by commercials

The subject line pretty well describes my issue. Often a commercial cuts in before the correct pause and part of a character's dialogue is lost. Happens the other way too, where a commercial has run too long and the program is already underway. I kno...

eireen by Organizer
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Resolved! Optik TV Pixellation

New to Optik (from Delta Cable):Setup: New Telus wi-fi hub/router, Telus home phone, connected to fibre on the street, Intenet 150, Optik Box hardwired with Cat5 through a switch and through a Netgear wi-fi router.Issue: lots of freezing, pixellation...

Resolved! Connected to display monitor

I have an optik box connected to a spare pc monitor to use as a second tv.No problem with connection and can use remote to access: turn on change channels etc. However I have to control speaker volume on the monitor itself. Would a soundbar with a re...

Gayle by Organizer
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Resolved! Optik randomly mutes the volume

This has now happened twice in the past couple days (wireless 4K box). Watching tv and it just randomly mutes.Flip to numerous channels - mutedTry a recorded show - mutedTurn tv off then back on - still muted.Seems only solution is to unplug the opti...

sammysjeep by Helpful Neighbour
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Resolved! Arris 4K Box Rebooting

Just now, I was watching You Tube on the channel that advertises watching 4K videos on You Tube and my first two selections stopped playing for only a few minutes (for 40+ minutes material). Then the ARRIS BOX started rebooting. Anyone else have this...

Minky by Ambassador
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Resolved! TV program deleted by mistake

Is there any way to recover a deleted TV program ? It's from the States so video is not available on computer.

Resolved! Plans to improve optik on the go app?

I've used the Shaw to go app and it's so much smoother and stable than optik on the go. are there plans to improve your app's reliability and usability? I regularly have trouble loading the app or specific channels on my PC and iPad. It's frustrating...

Resolved! adding a phone jack

Hi All; Does anyone know if I can add a phone jack for a security system dialer without affecting the Optik tv?Thanks

48ford by Organizer
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