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Why is there barely any content available on demand for wwe network subscribers?  Some of the titles are even empty and contain no episodes like 205 live. There are thousands of titles included with the subscription but only 90 are available. For $13 a month it should be kept more up to date and have all titles available.  I would like to know why wwe network gets less attention than crave when wwe network costs more. I just want to watch the content I pay you for without having 5o plug my computer into my tv. It’s not too much to ask considering the $13 a month price. 

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Usually it is the network deciding which programs / titles / episodes / events are available. Telus is the conduit, not the curator of the content. Have you contacted WWE network to ask why there is less content available through your Telus-based subscription than direct?


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Hello @Devon1

The user above me is slightly correct but wrong as well. I'm with Rogers and I see all the episodes and all the shows available. So Telus seems to be asking WWE or Telus is removing contiant on their own.

I would call Telus and make a fuss about this. Paying for a channel that you aren't getting full experience.

How come Rogers has everything on the WWE On Demand but Telus doesn't? It's not WWE.