Would love Discovery Family Channel added to telus channel lineup


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My children would love to watch the new Rescue Bots episodes which only get played on Discovery Family Channel, which used to be The Hub. Please see if this channel could be added, would make many children happy.
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From what I can find, I don't think that channel is available at all in Canada currently. I can only find references to American TV providers.


As for Transformers Rescue Bots, that was airing on Teletoon last year but their website doesn't have any info on the show currently.

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Nighthawk is correct in that Discovery Family is a US channel not available in Canada and that Teletoon owns the rights to Rescue Bots here. I did some checking, it appears that Teletoon is running it two months after the US premiere, which is common for Canadian cable channels to do as it costs them less money. As the US channel started airing the new season Nov 1, it's likely to appear on Teletoon in January.