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Wireless Optik Box and Using Your Own Wireless Router



I have an issue where I cannot use AirPrint on several iPads with the Actiontec V1000H. One of the solutions proposed is to use my own router to manage the wireless services in the house.  However, I fear that this will impact the functioning of the one wireless Optik box I have in the house.  Will this strategy eliminate the ability to use the wireless Optik box?




You have two options:

1 - Use both routers, the Actiontec for the TV boxes and your own for everything else.

This should be done with a switch in between the Alcatel modem and the Actiontec/Your router.

Alcatel>Switch>Actiontec>telus tv stuff

                       >Your router>everything else

2 - Use your router exclusively and setup IGMP multicasting to allow Optik TV to work. This procedure is different for every router, but there are lots of guides available for this to be found on Google.


Thanks Kolby, but I think the IGMP multicasting is exactly what kills the AirPrint functionality.  I have read that it doesn't play nicely with Bonjour, the service that Apple employs to support AirPrint.

If I decide to use your solution and get a switch, can you recommend a decent and readily available switch for this purpose?


You don't need anything fancy, something like this would work fine:

Just find the cheapest gigabit switch in whichever store your choose.

Unfortunately you have to use port 1 on the Alcatel, Telus seems to have assigned the interface to the actual port instead of a bridge of all 4 ports, otherwise you wouldn't need a switch.