Why no offer Univision Canada and Discovery Kids like competition?


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I have been with you guys over 5yrs and it is so disappointing that there is none Spanish channels what so ever(TLÑ doesn't count cause it's all in Italian and English) you guys offer tons of channels in other languages and keep adding more but NONE in Spanish, yeah you offer one channel thru satellite put that's all and it's kind off annoying. I'm extremely close to convince my husband on switching cable tv providers!!!! Discover kids channel it's awesome too lots of learning shows for kids. You guys really need to be more competitive in the channels you offer.


Hey PilyG,


I'm sure that its based on demand as well. Post your ideas and suggestions at www.telus.com/ideas and send them an email at tvfeedback@telus.com regarding your channel requests.


Cheers Robot Happy