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Why no TV?


So my parents have been with Telus for at least four years, Internet and Phone. Last week they called Telus to get the 4K PVR and new modem, the one with AC wifi, and to go on a two-year contract with Telus. But the person they called said they cannot get the FREE 43" 4K TV, which means they can't get the 49" one for $100 if they wanted to either. Can I just get an answer as to why they won't get the TV? They have an old plasma TV that has issues and would love a new one with the 4K PVR.




Community Power User
Community Power User

It should have been explained why they don't qualify when they were declined. Usually it is because they aren't considered a new customer, or their current plan is less than 2 years, and still on another promotion.


Since the residents of the Neighbourhood have no access to your account information, we can only surmise.  You may wish to contact Telus again to learn why, and what would be necessary to meet the qualifications to obtain a promotion.

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Ask the Telus Customer Service Rep for Loyalty Customer Promotions...


Not sure if only 4 years is enough to be Loyal or if your parents received some other gift (price reduction for 6 months, free PC, etc) within that time.