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Why is your PVR box so slow to respond to my remote commands ???

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OK, I've installed brand new batteries in the remote ( the fat version not the slim line version of remotes )

I've reset the PVR.

When I press change chanel or select recordings i am left sitting there waiting and waiting and waiting more then 30 seconds.

Why is the PVR so slow to respond to the remote control ???


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Hey, best if you call TELUS support (310-MYTV) to have this fixed.  30 seconds for a channel change is not normal.

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Has this been the case since day one, or have you noticed it getting worse as time goes on?


Also does the PVR have much free space or is it pretty full?


Lastly, can you please elaborate a little on how you reset the PVR?

I've been having this issue recently. Probably for about a month now. Prior to that, I've never had this problem.



  • This happens when I'm replaying recordings. In fact, I never watch live TV, so it's not about changing channels or any other live function.
  • The PVR isn't anywhere near full. I delete recordings after watching.
  • I'm using the newer slimline remote. (I went back to my older remote to see if that works better, but it doesn't.)

Examples of what happens:

  • I click FF, and when the recording gets to the spot I want to play, I press Play, but it keeps FF-ing for 2 or 3 seconds. Same with fast rewind.
  • I click Delete to delete a recording, have to wait for 5-10 seconds for the confirmation question, and when I click Delete again in response, I wait another few seconds.
  • When a recording is in Pause, then I click Play, I wait a few seconds for the program to play again.
  • From the list of recordings screen, if I want to go to the right to get another menu (such as "Scheduled", which is 3 clicks over), it takes several seconds for the selection to get to that location after I click the Right button 3 times.
  • When I'm looking at my list of "Series" and I'm clicking the down button, I keep clicking but the actual scrolling on the screen is jumping and pauses from time to time, then rushes to catch up when it comes out of that pause.

Hoping you can help. I'm frustrated!


Hello 🙂
A few things to check.

A full Hard Drive can/will drastically reduce speeds for reading/writing causing delay in responses it would appear from the remote. Reducing to under 80 percent usage clears that very well.


If the issue is not a full hard drive, try rebooting the devices in order.

It can help for most things that just appear out of the blue. 
Remove the power from the modem for 10 seconds and reconnect.
Wait for the internet to come back and do the same to the PVR. Remove the power for  10 seconds and reconnect.  Wait for the VR to fully load.
Last, any remaining Optik boxes remove the power and reconnect after 10 seconds. In that order (modem>PVR>all other stb's)should resolve this as long as the issue is not a full hard drive. If issues persist, please use our chat and we can ensure this is resolved. 

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Community Power User

This is for Optik?


The Optik PVR does not directly respond to the remote when changing channels. Unlike cable or satellite which sends all the channels simultaneously to the set top box, which then selects between them when you change channels, the Optik PVR tells the switch back at Telus to deliver a new channel to the PVR. This takes a bit of time, and can be slowed by a poor connection with a long Ping.  Have you also noticed a slowing of delivery of your internet? It should have slowed in parallel.


I suggest contacting telus directly to discuss if  this is a noticible change in timing, as they may have to address the connection to your home.


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Thanks, that helps explain why the PVR sometimes doesn't respond immediately to channel change commands. I never thought about that difference in how it operates compared to cable or satellite.

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Hey, best if you call TELUS support (310-MYTV) to have this fixed.  30 seconds for a channel change is not normal.

@tynchu wrote:

Hey, best if you call TELUS support (310-MYTV) to have this fixed.  30 seconds for a channel change is not normal.

Pressing channel up and down takes less than a second to change on my Optik.  I'm also using the wireless boxes.