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Why is telus optik remote control not user friendly?

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I am a Loyalty and Retention FFH frontline member. When I was doing  TV welcome outbound calls, most of the time I get a lot of feedback from our customers. One of the most common feedbacks was our senior customers having very hard time programming telus tv remote control or complaining about buttons not big enough. They don't know how to program remote and most of the time they're very frustrated with using telus universal remote control where they press power button and TV would be on and STB would be turned off and vice versa. Most of the time resulting in many call backs and cancelling because they get very frustrated. Recent feedback regarding new telus remote is that it's very slim and small and the nevigation silver ring is not accurate and hard to control. For senior customers, who spend a lot more time watcing tv at home, when they're trying to press button and trying to change channels, they can't get to where they want because it's either hard to press and mis-press the button and got to wrong channel. They suggest that we would come up with easier/ more user-friendly remote control and take into consideration for our senior customers usage who have hard time seeing small buttons and ability to press buttons correctly. Thank you.



Hi there,

Thank you for posting your feedback. You can direct customers to email: to address their concerns.

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It is about time Telus creates a simplified remote. My wife, like many others, is having great difficulty. We have Telus Optik, with the new remote which has evolved into something requiring a university to learn to use. A number of times I have returned to find my wife sitting in front of a blank screen. I find this very sad and unacceptable.
The last Telus tech to visit listened to my consern about the remote and then concurred. He noted that he had suggested it to his superior, but it appears it is not important.
In researching this, I now find that Shaw offers such a remote.