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Why can't I subscribe to CNN?

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It has been my understanding that as of March 1 2016, cable subscribers are supposed to be able to have access to individual channels without committing to a bundle.  I would like to watch CNN during the American Primaries.  I do not want to pay for Bloomberg or Al Jazeera or CNBC or HLN or MSNBC or iChannel or the HD versions of all of these. The very thought of Fox News being broadcast into my home makes me want to vomit. Why then do I still have to pay for ALL of these other channels in order to watch CNN?


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Community Power User

You can watch CNN live online.


Not all the channels are available individually. Only a small number. The CRTC ruling did not say all channels had to be available individually as of March 1st. That won't come until December. There will need to be some negotiating with a lot of the channels, especially the American ones where they do not have pick-and-pay down there.


CRTC Ruling


Moreover, by March 2016, all discretionary services will have to be offered by licensed broadcasting distribution undertakings (BDUs) either on a pick-and-pay basis or in small, reasonably priced packages, which may either be created by the subscriber (for example, pick-5 or pick-10) or pre-assembled (for example, theme packs). Further, by December 2016, all discretionary services will have to be offered on both a pick-and-pay and a small package basis by all licensed BDUs. This will give distributors time to make the changes that are needed to roll out these new options to their subscribers

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