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WWE Network with Pik TV

Just Moved In

Hello I recently signed up for Pik TV and chose to subscribe to the WWE Network. I am trying to link my WWE account with my TELUS account but it seems like it requires an Optik TV account which I don't have.


The instructions to set up an Optik TV account say I need to do it through a set top box but I do not have one. I only have TELUS internet and Pik TV. Is there some other way to set up an Optik TV account?


Community Power User
Community Power User
WWE network is only available on Optik TV not on the (lower cost) PikTV.

You would have to either purchase an optik tv package and equipment or watch wwe network via a computer and browser.

There was an option to sign up for the WWE Network through pick TV:


I have purchased this package. My issue is it requires an Optik TV account to link up through my browser but I have no set top box to create one.

Community Power User
Community Power User

That sounds correct. Most of the broadcasters won't allow access to their online streaming content from low cost TV services or satellite in some cases. Most require a standard full TV package. It can be annoying.

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