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Using MoCa Boxes


Hi all


I have a question about setting up MoCa boxes on my existing coax lines in my home.


Location 1 - Living room

I have a T3200M MoCa/Ethernet modem. The typical one used now by Telus for Optik TV and internet. I have a MoCa connection from the router split into two lines as my office which was an add on a few years ago is cabled separately. So out of the T3200 into a spliter and then on to the two other areas of the house. Out of the Ethernet ports from the router I have two lines, one for the DVR Box and the other to an Apple TV Box. Wireless on the T3200M is disabled, DHCP enabled no port bridging.


Location 2 - Family room

Out of the coax wall connection I have a MoCa box (supplied by Telus) coax to Ethernet to the WAN port of my Netgear Nighthawk 4X AC2600 model R7500 router set to AP mode acting as the wireless access point. I also have to LAN connections from the that router, one to the second TV Box and the other to another Apple TV box.


Location 3

In my office I have a gigabyte 8 port switch which is up-link connected to the second MoCa box (supplied by Telus) from the line leading into that room which, remember is split at the T3200M in location 1. From the switch I have various connections including one to the third TV Box.


Hope this all makes sense. My question is can you plug directly from the MoCa box into the back of both the router and switch and then feed the Digital Boxes from there or should I have separate MoCa boxes split from the wall jacks to feed both the TV Boxes separately?


By feeding the TV Boxes from the router and switch will there be reception problems?


I would appreciate anyone input on this matter as everything seems to work fine for the most part however i have noticed a few jaggies, pixelation from time to time on TV since I set the system up this way.


Thanks in advance.





The only issue might be the Optik box connected to the Nighhawk router in AP mode. I'm not sure if the Ethernet ports just act like a switch when the router is in AP mode. Do you have access to any settings for AGPM snooping (multicast) when it's in AP mode? If you do then make sure it's on.

Thanks xray for the reply. Your correct, Multicast is not supported in AP mode.
So I should probably split the signal at the wall to a MoCa to the Digital box and another MoCa to feed the router correct?

This way the Nighthawk is not fleeting the Digital box.

The easiest (and cheaper) way is to add a gigabit switch between the MoCA and the Nighthawk.