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Unhappy with recent services from Telus 2024

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In January we experienced an outage of our internet for 7 days. The Telus agent tried to troubleshoot our problem and decided it was necessary to send us a new modem. They refused to send out a technician saying they needed new equipment for us to install ourselves. 

This was not a reasonable solution for us as a technician should have been and could have been sent to our house to resolve the problem in 24 hours instead of the total of 14 days we were without internet, Optik TV and security system as they all depend on the modem to be functional. 

We finally called a friend who works for Telus who came to our place and all they had to do was replace the power cord.

On April 3, 2024, I went online to update my channels as apparently the only way to watch hockey anymore is to have Sportsnet. As of today, April 6th, I am still without the channels that I upgraded my Optik TV to. To make matters even worse, when it was time for the office hours of your support center to be over, I was cut off from the support person I was in the middle of trouble shooting the issue with. They did not call me back either. And when I called back, I was given the message that your support center was now closed. 

It also seems that every time we turn on the TV, there has been some sort of change in programming where preferred shows are constantly being redirected to streaming services or some sort of expensive package option that people can't access unless they pay for more package or streaming services. 

I am very disappointed again in the level of service that Telus is providing especially when any changes or repairs are needed. If I wanted to be a computer technician, I would have become a technician. I have the good sense to know that is not what I want to do, nor can I reasonably undertake on my own. I pay for a service where I should be able to access a technician or some sort of HUMAN support where my access problems can easily be fixed without my having to understand coding or some other specialty for computers OR be cut off mid call to try and fix said problem. 

Your online forum is not helpful. Your customer service agents aren't as useful as they ought to be given that they know nothing about the area that they are serving. Troubleshooting with your automated system is not manageable either as when people call Telus for support they generally want to talk to a human being and that should be the first option available to paying customers. 

Over the years that I have been with Telus, the level of service that I can count on has diminished profoundly. 

I am disgusted, frustrated and supremely disappointed with your over approach to customer service. 

I am looking for a new provider of services as you Telus it seems can no longer provide a decent service.





Community Manager
Community Manager

Sorry to hear that. If you'd like to discuss anything and have me look into options for you, let me know and I'll be here!