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 I have tried connecting two different TV's (Insignia & LG brands) to my Optik box.  I find workable (I think) codes for both of them, at least they load.  The TV screens display the Optik info (Guide, etc.) but there is no TV picture.  On the Guide page it says in the upper left hand corner  "Unable to view HDMI content"; the same message for both TVs.   Does anyone know what the problem could be?  If its relevant, I have a Slimline (not 2) remote.  Calling Telus Support just got me 23 minutes of pop musics and then a hang-up.

Thank you

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1) you don't need any codes for the TV to display a picture. It should work as long as the HDMI cable is connected from the correct port on the PVR to the correct HDMI input on the TH (usually HDMI 1)

2) If you have really poor quality HDMI cables THEY could be the problem

3) what happens if you connect the TV to the PVR using Composite cables ( yellow, green blue)


4) Have you reset the PVR by pressing the power button for about 20 seconds?


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1) They're connected properly.

2) I thought of this and bought a new one today.  No joy.

3) You mean (red, green, blue)?  I don't have a proper set of these.  Could try and scrounge them up.

4) Tanks for your suggestion.  I tried it but again, No joy.




I'm sure your seeing an hdcp issue. There are some hmdi splitters that work to resolve the issue but switching to component still allows 1080i. Google search which splinters work


Further to point (4).  Okay, I got it; press the power button on the PVR (not the remote).  This generated a box reset and now things seem to work!

Thank you very much.

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  • what is the make and model of your TV?   I wonder if it's HDCP compliant.
  • I wonder if the menu TV screen ratio is correctly set

Just a thought: On the TV settings, try and specify resolution rather than letting the TV and Optik box handshake and perform the auto setting.