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Unable to record on Optik TV PVR


I have scheduled recordings that are no getting recorded into my PVR.

I have restarted my Optik box through the settings panel. I have also unplugged, left it unplugged for 10 minutes, then replug it.


So far no solution on how to fix my recordings not getting recorded.


Any suggestions?





I have also deleted many of my old recordings to allow space.

I can also view old recordings. 

If you’ve tried all the suggestions here.


You may need to call Telus, as it could be a problem on their side, they’ll have to address.

Are they series recordings or individual episodes?

Do you see your programs when you go to the Scheduled tab in Recordings? 

Series recordings.

Yes I see the programs in my scheduled tab in Recordings

Is this an issue with all scheduled recording or only certain ones?

Community Power User
Community Power User

I've seen this issue myself. I have no explanation why it happens but what I had to do was re-schedule the show and that seemed to work.



I contacted Telus through Live Chat, and they were able to fix my problem remotely!

If anyone else has this issue, I'd recommend self troubleshooting first and if nothing works then contact Telus chat. 

Good to hear it was fixed. Did they say what they had to do to fix it?

I'm not quite sure. they helped me remotely. 



a few hours after everything seemed to be working, the problem comes back. 

I am unable to record anything new, and all my series recordings have been ignored. 

I will contact Telus again to see how to want to resolve this.