Unable to access recording


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Good Samaritan

Anyone knows why I can't access my recordings on the other Optik TV Box? but PVR recordings are working fine?

Most Helpful

I would suggest to reboot the PVR, by unplugging the power cable for 10 seconds. That would reset the PVR network and allow you to watch recordings on the Non-PVR digital box. Hope that help! Smiley Happy

Friendly Neighbour

Nah, try booting the STb thats not viewing the recordings, if that doesnt work than try the PVR first, once thats booted up and shwing a tv show, reboot the other box


Try the following


1. Reboot modem

2. Reboot PVR 430 then reboot the 330 (if this dosent work continue to step 3)

3. Factory reset modem (if you have personal SSID and Key this will back to default so you need to reconfigure your wireless)

4. Reboot PVR and 330 STB and you will see the recording will come back