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Tv cuts in and out

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My Telus Tv continually cuts in and out when watching both PVR and live tv. The screen will just go black for about a second and this happens every 5 minutes or more. Anyone know how to fix this?

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Community Power User

You can try rebooting your PVR by unplugging for about 10 seconds, or by holding the power button for 10 - 15 seconds and let it restart. IF that does not cure the problem, you would need to contact Telus to have them look from their end.

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Easier said than done .telus has the worst customer service of any company I've ever dealt with.just spent 45 min on hold then was disconnected.A phone company that doesn't answer the phone.ridiculous

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My Telus Optik Tv frequently pixelates and freezes on any channel and shows up as a disaster on recordings. I have been calling Telus since about may 2017 and when they send a tech they never find something definitive so give me the song and dance. I am presently on a multi week holding  pattern for my promised "we will be in touch in 2 to 3 days" but have kind of given up hope of ever hearing from them. As our new home is nearing completion and will have all new cabling installed I am in a dilemma as to giving them a chance to continue in the new house or change providers. It's hard to make decisions when Telus won't even talk with me. I'll do more research and see if that helps.


It could be a couple of different things, usually either the box itself is toast or they have some issues somewhere on the line. When I experienced the same problem it was due to damage on my line. I had recently upgraded to a faster internet speed that used two phone lines and one turned out to be faulty. It could be the same in your case, did you recently upgrade your service? 

Yes we upgraded to new boxes several months ago and it’s always done it but I find it worst lately to the point I can’t watch this tv. We have 2 others in the home that don’t do this...