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Travelling Telus box (PVR)

Just Moved In

I would like to float an idea of having a travelling Telus box and PVR combination when customers are on holidays.  My wife and I are currently on holidays and are stuck with the service that is in the condo we are renting.  It is a basic cable service.. We have a service with more channels on it and a PVR that had many shows taped on it.  It would be nice to somehow be able to take the box with you on vacation and plug it in to the existing tv in the room and through either wifi or cell service have access to our own tv service rather than the service provided in the room. I know there is Optik to go but I would like a service capable of viewing the tv shows on an actual television set.. 


CPU Alum
CPU Alum

When Optik on the Go does not work (PVR stuff and premium content).... I use Slingbox.


Warning, Slingbox works best with fast upload and download connections.  I found some hotels where Slingbox does not work until midnight when most guests are sleeping.

Community Power User
Community Power User

As intimated by @xl using anything but a sufficiently fast internet connection will make using your PVR elsewhere, *IF* it works at all. Not all locations have fast internet; in our recent stay, one condo had much faster internet than the other (same complex), but of course,  you would also need TV service on internet to get full value from your plan, something your host might not wish to provide.


The volumes of data you would need to watch TV would be immense, and not sensibly usable on your cellular plan.



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