Thor VOD Truncated!!!


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xl CPU Alum
CPU Alum

Just watched Thor: The Dark World with Video on Demand. Where do I register a complaint?

The move is rated at 1hr and 52 minutes. But the movie is LONGER than that! There are two bonus segments. We see the collector mid-credits. But the final seconds of the movie shows Thor returning to Earth to see his lover and a frost monster bounding around Earth.... suddenly the VOD ends!

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THAT???? What happens to the Earth? What happens to the lovers?


Hey there!


Seems like there is an issue with VOD information internally. It would be best to contact Optik support so they can diagnose and address the cause of the concern and ensure a permanent fix.

xl CPU Alum
CPU Alum

It appears someone is listening.... I went to check my Thor VOD this evening and noticed it's now 1:53 instead of 1:52.


After the frost monster went across the screen.... "Thor will return" appears.  Guess I'll need to wait a few years to see how the story continues.