Theme packs at Startup[ Of Optik


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Just Moved In

When I registered for Optik TV, Internet, and Wi Fi services, I selected 6 theme packs, as prompted by the agent Ashley in the Tom Harris store on Lakeshore Drive, Salmon Arm.  The installation took place on Friday, May 9th. When I tried to access some of the chosen channels over the weekend, I was unable to do so.  This morning, again at the Tom Harris (Telus franchise) store, I discovered that I had NOT been allotted my chosen theme packs, but had been given instead the "default" six - some of which I deliberately avoided because they were of 0 interest to me.  Ashley at Tom Harris managed to put things right.  My point is - this should not have been necessary.  Telus' agent should have taken the trouble to give me the right selection from the get-go.  I had very little of interest to watch over the weekend other than the News channels and Nat Geo.


i have been advised that I now have the choices that I wanted.  I'm more than usually irritated by the need for yet another visit to the Tom Harris store, because of other problems between the date of requesting the changeover to Optik, and the installation of same.  A 5-page letter is en route to Client Services at the Vancouver Box 7575 in the mail.